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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Military Satire Is in the 'Bag'

Didn't know there was a military parody version of The Onion, called The Duffel Bag.  It can be so right that it even fooled Mitch McConnell.  Oh, wait, that's not much.  Spencer Ackerman: 
[I]t provides pitch-perfect military parody online, such as this piece about Syria hosting Iraq War reenactors (bylined by “G-Had”) or this one about a Google Street View Prius getting blown up in Kandahar. The Duffel Blog, as dutiful readers know, is America’s oldest online source for fake military news, founded in 1797 in a moment of farsightedness. It often gives more real talk than most legit journalistic institutions, but there is no way you can confuse it with the real news.

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