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Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Tales from Gun Nutty USA

Sunday:  Boy in Houston, age 4, finds Dad's gun, shoots himself dead.  It was an illegal gun, not that it mattered to the boy.  "At one point, police had to restrain a grieving family member who later arrived at scene and began yelling. 'I’m gonna kill him! I’m gonna kill him!' the woman shouted as she crossed the yellow crime-scene tape."

Earlier: Our story of the day thankfully is not as tragic as most, which often end with kids dead or maybe three or four bodies scattered on a street.  But illustrative enough.  It seems that a Florida woman this week (the Tampa daily paper reports) got the munchies late one night and decided to preheat her oven before popping in some frozen waffles.  Been there, done that.  But what followed I have somehow missed.  The stove started firing bullets at her, she got hit, and ended up in the hospital.   Man, those were nearly "killer waffles."  Leslie Knope would be horrified.

Turns out her boyfriend had been storing an ammo magazine for his Glock in the oven.  Just for safe-keeping, I guess.

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