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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sullivan: More Light Still Needed on Drone Strikes

We noted earlier this week that NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan,  in a blog post hailing the paper's decision to finally expand its reporting on drone attacks (which she had called for months ago), said she would return to it for Sunday's print edition.  Now that column is posted.  It concludes:
The real threat to national security is a government operating in secret and accountable to no one, with watchdogs that are too willing to muzzle themselves. Top Times editors say that they are deeply committed to informing the public, but that they believe it’s only responsible to listen when government officials make a request. And, they emphasize, they often say no.
Fair enough. But the bar should be set very high for agreeing to honor those requests....What’s missing in the dark and ever-expanding world of drone warfare is a big helping of accountability, served up in the bright light of day.

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