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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ten Minutes of Solace and Perfection

Far from his greatest chamber piece, but one of his most perfect: the slow movement for Beethoven's piano trio no. 2.

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Laurence Glavin said...

"Far from his greatest chamber piece"? It's from his OPUS ONE! Even Luwig van Beethoven didn't scale thwe heights of Parnassus straight out of the gate! Have you ever heard Mozart's Kochel 1? Beethoven composed a number of pieces before he decided to publish his first work to be assigned an opus number. Remember, it contained three separate works, and already he was venturing beyond what previous composers had done in the piano-violin-cello form. As individualistic and forward-looking as he was, Franz Joseph Haydn was mystified by Beethoven's advancement in his first chamber works and criticized the Third trio in the set (in C-Minor BTW; hint, hint: Beethoven was in the near future going to makes waves with pieces in C-Minor).