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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Terrorist Next Door

UPDATE #2  More details on the kook's Facebook threats, including one against an unnamed "activist."   Interesting arguments on how they are not covered by First Amendment--particularly since the called on others to pick up rifles (even a particular kind) and take action. 

UPDATE #1:  My new piece at The Nation with more on this. 

Earlier:  Well, not quite next door.  This fellow lives about three miles west of me, straight out Route 59 in the strip mall paradise of Nanuet, N.Y.   Local news outlet charts his arrest, essentially on domestic terrorism charges, after making threats against various Democrats (Cuomo and Pelosi and Harry Reid and Schumer and members of the Black Caucus, of course) and saying followers of Obama are traitors and should die.  Was follower of the rightwing Sovereign nation.  Veteran drunk driver with felonies in several locales but still got an arsenal (see below).  Of course, he was flipping out over proposed new state gun laws. On his Facebook page he reportedly wrote, "I cannot wait to start killing the scum...I want these scumbags DEAD!!! ... Death to them all."
Mulqueen was taken into a custody and Cummings said the raid on the home found body armor, weapons and ammunition including:

1 10.62x54 Bolt Action Rifle
1 Remington 35 Pump Action Rifle loaded with 6 rounds
1 Bulletproof Body Armor
Approximately 100 rounds of Ammunition, including 27 rounds of .50 caliber armor piercing bullets (tank buster)
2 Rifle bayonets
1 Rifle Scope
1 Sword
1 Metal Knuckle Knife

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paula said...

Too close for comfort. We should all be glad he was caught