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Friday, March 29, 2013

Hiroshima Truthers!

Now maybe the greatest conspiracy theory ever!  Of course, I say this as someone who has written two books and maybe 200 articles on the atomic bombings of 1945.  It seems The Bomb wasn't used--and still doesn't work! With photo proof! And reference to the bomb "allegedly:dropped on Nagasaki! "Hiroshima and Nagasaki were simply destroyed by US conventional napalm, carpet, morning 3 to 5 a.m., terror bombing raids by 300 - 400 B-29 planes."  Yet North Korea and even Oliver Stone have fallen for the hoax!

In contrast see my book Atomic Cover-Up.  Yes, there was truth suppressed--but it came after real atomic bombs were used. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my web page. I arrived at Yokohama 29 May 1972 and it looked as if it had been bombed recently ... and not 27 years ago. Yokohama was burnt down by napalm. Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am quite certain.

Anders Björkman said...

Thanks for linking to me. I arrived at Yokohama 29 May 1972 and wondered why the place looked bombed out. Aha, by napalm 27 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mr. Björkman chose Tripod over Angelfire for his webpage. Decisions, decisions!

julianpenrod said...

So often, evidence, even proof, can be found in the most overlooked areas. If the bombs were a fake, then the films at Alamogordo were, likewise, frauds. That could explain why those films showed houses and buildings supposedly swept away, but the cameras themselves were untouched, they never even swayed back and forth! But maybe such as North Korea weren't fooled. Maybe there is something they do with purified uranium, if that's really what those centrifuges provide, if they really are centrifuges, that they are afraid of. Assuming, of course, that all of it isn't a lie, including the idea of “rouge states”, “terrorism” and everything. They needed the public under the fear of nuclear destruction and they accomplished that for half a century. Precious few even recognized that no nation would start such a wholesale conflict because it would leave what remains unfit. In the end, there was no nuclear showdown with the Soviet Union, and people may have started to tire and even question it. So they whipped up “terrorism”. But even the “news” says that many in the public are beginning not to be so petrified by the idea of “terrorism”. Which only means another staged, fabricated lie is coming to try to frighten the public. The fraudulent “disasters”, created by engineering of flooding, destruction and power outages around normal storms, like “Hurricane” Sandy, or the “meteorites” that seem to be falling everywhere now. North Korea and Iran being “fooled” by something that doesn't work seems unlikely. At the very least, they would have spies who got to the hidden information in the U.S. Which means even such as North Korea and Iran are part of the New World Order.

Anders Björkman said...

I am a Tripod client from the start in the 1990's. Why change?