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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adam Lanza's Gun Case

UPDATE:    Don't miss NYT graphic of what the ammo collection and other gun-related things looked like in the Lanza arsenal.

Earlier: We've known for months about the number of weapons and ammo that Adam Lanza took from the case in the home he shared with his mother (after shooting her dead)  to Sandy Hook Elementary School.   But contents of search warrants have just been released and here's a sheet below (larger view here)  showing the partial contents of the gun case he left behind--including boxes and boxes of ammo, plus protective gear.  There's so much it's "continued on next page" (see here) where we see listed a rifle, more ammo, and "Adam Lanza's National Rifle Association certificate."  That might not be a membership card but a certificate that he had attended an NRA class.

Also found: "NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting" book. Three samurai swords.  And: "Among the other items seized were a holiday card containing a check from his mother to buy a firearm, an article from The New York Times about a school shooting at Northern Illinois University and three photographs of what appeared to be a dead person covered with plastic and blood."

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