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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Last Soldier to Die for a Mistake

Update: And now we have first from U.S. to die in effort against Isis.  Does this mean Hickman is no longer "last"?

Earlier: John Kerry famously asked, as a Vietnam vet leader while that war was still going, Who will be the last U.S. soldier to die for that mistake?  In regards to the Iraq war, which began 11 years ago tomorrow, we knew the answer back in December 2011, but we've already forgotten.  So here he is.

David Hickman  was a 23-year-old African-American from North Carolina.   "The pain is fresh for people who knew Hickman. But the years have not eased the anguish of those who lost loved ones in the war's earliest days, when funerals were broadcast live on local television, before the country became numb to the casualty count."

Of course, the deaths go on, from lingering injuries, brain trauma--and the many suicides.

Greg Mitchell's book "So Wrong For So Long," on media misconduct and the Iraq war, was published this week in an updated edition and for the first time as an e-book, with preface by Bruce Springsteen. 

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