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Saturday, March 15, 2014

11 Years Ago: 'NYT' and Colin Powell Heighten Calls for Iraq War

Of course, so many bogus reports had already appeared in the NYT, from Judy Miller, Michael Gordon and others.  But here you can also check out Philip Shenon's report from this day on March 15, 2003.  Excerpt:
Iraq has identified a Virginia-based biological supply house and a French scientific institute as the sources of all the foreign germ samples that it used to create the biological weapons that are still believed to be in Iraq's arsenal, according to American officials and foreign diplomats who have reviewed Iraq's latest weapons declaration to the United Nations.
Meanwhile, Colin Powell was slamming the French for questioning the war--and his bogus case for WMD at the UN several weeks back:
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell openly suggested that Paris had been influenced by a long history of ''commercial relationships'' with Mr. Hussein, and that Franco-American relations had been damaged, at least in the short term. With some bitterness, American officials looking back over recent months say that France never intended to support an American-led war with Iraq, although the French foreign minister, at a dinner with Mr. Powell in New York in September, suggested otherwise. 

Greg Mitchell’s new edition of So Wrong for So Long on how Bush and the media gave us the war  includes a preface by Bruce Springsteen, a new introduction and a lengthy afterword with updates.

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