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Monday, March 25, 2013

Update on 'Wash Post' vs. Mitchell vs. 'Wash Post'

Fun:  Charles P. Pierce covers uproar over the Post killing my piece and running media "didn't fail" on Iraq piece.  My new Nation piece.   Huff Post still has it atop its main Media page under banner headline, WRONG AGAIN.  I think they are referring to the Post.   Here's excerpt from Pierce:
Here's my broader analytical point -- everyone associated with The Washington Post editorial page -- and a lot of the executives on the news side, especially the ones that buried Walter Pincus's great work back on A13 -- are complicit in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and they should all have their heads shaved, the phrase "I fcked up the world" tattooed on their scalps, and sent off to work in the wards at Walter Reed until they collapse from exhaustion. My insights are fairly well summed up by the phrase, "Shut the fck up forever."

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