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Monday, April 15, 2013

10 Years On: 37 Dead in Iraq (So Far) Today

For the past month here, every day, I've been reviewing events re: the Iraq war, ten years ago, as the U.S. prepared to invade, and then did, with victory but chaos in the air.   Today let's look at the present day echoes: namely, 37 dead and 140 wounded, by noon, in bombings and attacks in large cities, as elections near.  Well, as Rummy said ten years ago this week, "stuff happens...freedom is untidy." 
The local elections, the first since the withdrawal of the American military at the end of 2011, are being anticipated warily by American diplomats and United Nations officials as a crucial test of Iraq’s shaky democracy.
Elections or not, Iraq is subject to regular attacks that randomly target civilians, and while American officials usually stress the improvements in security since the carnage of Iraq’s civil war in 2006 and 2007, the rate of civilian deaths from terrorism has been rising since the departure of American troops, according to the United Nations.
 Greg Mitchell's new book Iraq and media malpractice is "So Wrong for So Long."  

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