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Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Suspects Mom on Tamerlan Laying Down the 'Law'

ABC coming up with fresh interview with Boston suspects' mom.   Kirit Radia in Moscow talked to her and   has been tweeting highlights, which are, as he writes:

--"What Tamerlan said was law for Dzhokhar. That’s how I raised them."

--She urged Tamerlan to embrace Islam in 2008, concerned abt his drinking smoking & girls. He started reading more on web

--Tamerlan "was a person of strong will. He was a leader" who could influence people, says US gov was afraid of him

--FBI has visited relatives in the US after Friday's shootout, confiscated cell phones and computers

 --Tamerlan called last time during shootout, said Dhzokhar was w him. She screamed & cried, line dropped. Sister told her he died

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