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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dallas Green: Managing Grief

NYT sports section with a piece today about the new memoir by former major league manager and pitcher Dallas Green.  If you've forgotten (or never known):  It was his grand-daughter, age 9, who was shot and killed in the attack on Gabby Giffords.  Dallas is now a big gun control advocate.

I go way back with him.  As a kid, I saw him pitch in the late-1950s for the Buffalo Bisons on his way to the Phillies.  Then it happens that one of my New York friends, as a kid, used to babysit for Dallas and his wife down in Delaware.  He remained very close to Dallas's son John, who became a baseball scout (and gave us advice on our fantasy baseball team).  When Dallas became manager of the Yanks and Mets, my friend would get tickets from the Greens and we'd sit right behind the dugout with Dallas's  wife, a wonderful woman (who took up skydiving in her 60s).  I got to take my son to a game there, where he got his first baseball hit into the stands.

Anyway:  Read the Times' piece.  As you can imagine, Dallas still hasn't gotten over the shooting.  Nor should we.

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