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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

David Brooks Gets Taibbi'd

Matt could hardly believe Our Mr. Brooks' column today, filled with wisdom such as gays will lose freedom by getting the right to marry, so he went after him, at length (been there, done that).
He's spent his entire career longing for a return to the formal and informal constraints of some of our old social conventions – you know, the days when having a child out of wedlock brought shame from a community, and people didn't just live together, but got married, and folks listened to their priests and rabbis, instead of just shagging and getting high all day long and living on welfare and credit cards....
This is some seriously crazy shit. None of what he's talking about is within a hundred miles of anything relevant to the gay marriage question. It's just weird, confused, old-person bitterness, mixed in with the usual obnoxious conservative delusions – like the way fiscal irresponsibility is always poor people buying wide-screen TVs on credit, and never teams of Ivy Leaguers at places like Lehman Brothers running up trillion-dollar balance sheets at 40-1 leverage.

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