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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ebert Reviewed Scandalous John & Yoko Film for 'Rolling Stone'

Surprised by this Ben Fong-Torres posting at Facebook.  It seem that Roger beat me by over a year into the pages Rolling Stone (where Ben was a longtime ed.), in 1968.   He had just started writing film reviews the year before in Chicago.  Surprised he even wrote for Stone then, even one review, but the selection makes some sense.  Two Virgins, the album, had the famous and banned in most places front cover (the back cover had them naked...from the back).   A check online  finds the review of the Two Virgins film was in the Dec. 21, 1968 issue in the Cinema section--and I remember reading it at college!
I know it's the obvious headline, but...the balcony is closed. All good wishes to Roger Ebert's wife Chaz and their family. It's amazing, after his cancer diagnosis in 2006, how absolutely alive he was; he seemed to be doing even more work than before. I wrote him a note, including a reminder that one of his first reviews was published in Rolling Stone, in 1968 -- not of a film, but of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's The Two Virgins and Number Five. He wrote right back, delighted at the memory of that byline. He would have thousands more, and he educated, enlightened and entertained millions. It was, as he said, and as one classic movie might put it, A Wonderful Life.

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