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Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Fatal' Conclusion?

As you may know, Errol Morris recently wrote a book basically backing the idea that former Green Beret Jeffrey MacDonald may be innocent in the so-called "Fatal Vision" murder of his wife all those many years ago.  Thia naturally ticked of  Joe McGinniss, author of the famous book of that title, who responded with a bestselling Kindle Single questioning Morris's views and accuracy.  Now The Atlantic has published an interview with Morris--which prompted McGinniss to threatened tbem with a lawsuit for defamation, based on what the author of the piece wrote (too much to go into here) about his deal or non-deal with MacDonald. 

Now The Atlantic, McGinniss just wrote on Facebook--while providing all of the letters back and forth-- has "corrected" the piece in two places and also linked to a key piece critical of Morris, and while they refused to apologize,  it seems the lawsuit threat is gone.  For now.

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