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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For the Crime of Being Arab?

The panic begins.  From Fox TV site in Boston:  "BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Sources told FOX 25 there was an American Airlines flight that was headed to Chicago. There were two men on that plane – not sitting next to each other – and speaking Arabic.

"There were some concerned marathoners on the flight so the plane was brought back to the gate and the two men were escorted off the plane.

"No other details were immediately available."

UPDATE  American Airlines apparently claims this Fox report is not accurate--different plane was called back to gate because of unchecked bag.

And note Glenn Greenwald piece today.


KaJo said...

I did read the Glenn Greenwald piece at the link.

It strikes me that GG is as reprehensible as any right wingnut reveling in chaos, by segueing off this awful incident to remind us -- do we REALLY NEED ANOTHER REMINDER?? -- that yes, we Americans are awful people too.

His obsessions are becoming unhealthy. Go into business manufacturing hairshirts and flagella, Glenn.

(p.s. my spam filter below is "Krualty 1001". Irony)

Anonymous said...

Yes. We don't need a reminder, in case another pol wishes a war for reelection.