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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Her Another Oscar!

Former great actress Glenda Jackson, long an MP in the UK, took the floor yesterday to tell it like it is or was about the late Margaret Thatcher.   What a voice, still.


Adelaide FOWL said...

Glenda Jackson is brilliant..someone who tells it like it is and was...someone with integrity had to spell it out...what a relief to hear the truth for a change.

LCMartin said...

BRAVO! Bravo, Glenda Jackson! What a wonderful descriptive speech of what happened to the U.S. under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Our school walls are crumbling. We have no money for education, millions of foreclosures, few jobs. Austerity, austerity, austerity is all we hear, and deeper and deeper we sink into to muck of corporate and personal greed. I'm 66 years old, and I grieve for the country I once knew as Glenda Jackson grieves for the U.K. I wish we had politicians in this country that would speak as bravely and as eloquently as this.

tangledweb said...


bewilderbeast said...

Bravo Glenda Jackson!! Few people have your strength of character and commitment to truth. Politicians use deaths to lie and inflate themselves, feigning to elevate "respect" above "truth". When Reagan died NOT ONE American politician (to my knowledge) had the balls the speak the truth about THAT lying politician. THANK GLENDA (not 'GOD'), Thatcher's death didn't get the total whitewash that Reagan's did.

Anton Sherwood said...

<curmudgeon>If one must use the word wreak, its past tense is wrought.</curmudgeon>