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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunt for Suspect--and Motive--Continues

I started live-blogging at 7 a.m. this morning.  See:  dozens of updates here.  Continuing here now, as of 2:50 p.m., updated at top.

10:00  Photo of suspect in boat tonight, courtesy of CBS News--though not confirmed as legit.  Below that, suspect on ground, also CBS News.

9:30 Link: Picture of suspect in ambulance.  Meanwhile, we were told that suspect read Miranda rights --now, that feds invoking safety clause to not do that (as conservatives demanded).

Presser starts.  FBI chief on case, Richard Deslauriers,  thanks all who helped.  So do others.  Boston Police Chief Davis explains how caught but we've heard it before: Man saw tarp pulled back and blood, called police.  Hostage team "tried to talk him out of boat but he did not cooperate."  So taken out, somehow. Suspect in "serious condition."

Chief asked if he regrets giving all-clear.  He says suspect "eluded" by hiding but fortunately man called in with tip.  Fortunate, that's for sure.  They confirm: one block beyond search zone. Ouch.

U.S. attorney asked if Miranda warning not given.  She doesn't exactly answer but seems to say yes.  Doesn't know if will be federal death penalty souight  (not allowed in Mass. state law).  Reporters have many more questions but presser ends.

Obama about to speak.

9:05  As I wrote after Timothy McVeigh captured:  I'm still against capital punishment. Or see title of my book on same: "Who Owns Death?"

FBI confirms talked to dead suspect in 2011, at request of foreign gov't.

8:50  Amazing:  suspect was at UMass campus on Wednesday, sent to gym, partied that night.  Seemed relaxed.  Two nights ago.

Boston Globe:  Tsarnaev going to Mount Auburn Hospital Cambridge, same hospital where Transit Police officer is recovering from gunshot wound.

Brian Williams: With new tech "hard to get away with anything in this country anymore." Didn't mention Wall Street.

8:40  WHDH reports suspect "alive" and "in custody" and medic on scene and "it's over."  Ambulance seen pulling in.  Another source says, yes, alive.  Everyone standing down.  "Officers taking pictures to commemorate." Applause heard.  Now NBC picks up loud cheers. 

8:35  Boston Globe and others report three college-age individuals taken into custody today in New Bedford related to manhunt.  Neighborhood in lockdown.  Suspect's girlfriend allegedly lived there and he was there yesterday. 

8:15 WHDH-TV:  House with boat NOT searched today.  Police only searched 20-block perimeter and this house a block and a half away. 

8:00 Flash bangs used to disorient him.  Conflicting reports on whether he is moving or not.  Ditto on fire on boat.  Still fear of suicide vest.  Likely to end with shoot first, don't get to ask questions later.  But end surely nigh.

Now Pete Williams says fire on boat.  Suspect covered with blood.

7:45 Boston Globe twitter feed claims cover off boat, suspect not moving, bleeding, police moving with caution.  

7:30  Also reports of much gunfire in  Watertown, much activity--after search seemed to end there for now.  People being evacuated.  Started with woman saying guy in backyard under tarp of boat on trailer--and bleeding. 

7:25:  CNN tag: "Police Engaging Possible Suspect."  But no proof of that. Also reporting FBI talked to older brother in 2011 after tip from foreign government to talk about foreign ties.  But went no further.

6:05 Presser:  State police--"still no apprehension."  Search going on.  Other leads "have taken us to other places in Eastern Mass." but have led nowhere.  "Going to draw back tactical teams."  Gov. Patrick: Stay indoors order lifted everywhere.

5:40   Important interview with father of suspects may largely lay to rest this all-day "expert" and media meme that older brother may have gone to Russia for six months for terror "training."  Dad says the guy went there to get new passport and there was long delay.  Also he was rarely out of his sight and did not travel.  Saw nothing bu relatives.  Some wondered if he  "came here to sleep."

5:00  Have no idea what this means: Now they say suspects DID NOT rob 7-11.   "A statement from State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio says 'the bombers did purchase gas at a gas station in Cambridge later in the chain of events and we recovered images of them there.'" Media reported robbery for many hours.

But now raises question:  Why did they shoot MIT officer, who it's said was just sitting in car and not approaching them--especially since they did not rob the 7-11 and being hunted for that?

 Love this: CNN interviews car body shop guy who says suspect #2, who picked up car hurriedly this week, wore Louis Vuitton shoes--when complimented on them this week he said he paid $900 for them.

4:55 NYTTamerlan denied U.S. citizienship--due to domestic violence incident. 

4:20  Turns out older brother was married--to an American--and had a three-year-old kid.  Report from sometimes-sketchy London's Daily Mail has him visiting wife and daughter in Rhode Island most weekends, although perhaps not in past year.   Police visited home today.

Finally hear from mother of suspects, via CNN, who like father claims "set-up."

Never thought Rep. Peter King would be voice of sanity--now tells Tapper (and others speculating on foreign plots) that "absolutely NO evidence" so far.

3:40  Oddly, have not read or heard a word about how the suspects got their guns and ammo--given fact the suspects fired up to 200 rounds at police last night (we hear).  Legal weapons?  How did they get?

Much-mentioned "third suspect" now officially shot down.

Glenn Greenwald: "The typical cable news problem: they feel compelled to talk about just this story, but don't really have anything to say & haven't for hours."  Might apply to my blogging as well?

Stop the presses! Terror expert on MSNBC just had nerve to answer a question on motives with, "I just don't know. I'd hate to speculate."

3:25 Via TV, lot of action at UMass-Dartmouth, and claim that students may have seen suspect there after Monday. 

3:15 New TV interview with suspects' father abroad.  He claims sons' "framed" i bombing and now older one shot down by police.  Talked to that son very recently and asked him to make sure brother stayed in school.

2:50:  Bobby Ghosh of Time on MSNBC wisely points out not clear why Chechens would attack USA--not at all typical for them.

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