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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jackie Robinson: Who's That?

Love this new Rasmussen poll, which found only 59% of Americans with "favorable" view of baseball pathfinder Jackie Robinson.  Now, you might think that's an awful low number, since Jackie did nothing but good.  But then we learn that 36% "do not know enough" about him to offer a view!  So better than one in three don't really know him--despite all of the publicity just this week and a new film that is #1 at the box office.

UPDATE: Finally got to see the film today and it's quite good, though with a couple of scenes--and much schmaltzy music--that should have been cut.   But in a revealing sign of how weak Americans now are at history--the movie opens with the "Based on a True Story" card.   Duh.  But not duh for many.  Sad.

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