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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Iraq WMD Legacy Renewed at 'NYT'?

UPDATE  See post below on NYT hyping, at top of its site for most of the day, Israel's claims that Syria has used chemical agents against rebels "repeatedly."  Remind you of 2002-2003?  Especially when you read this Blomberg report today.   Even Bibi admits can't prove it at all.  An Israeli expert debunks.  Even John Kerry skeptical. 

Tuesday: Yes, the Times is hyping, at the top of its site, scare story by Rudoren and Sanger, swallowing in the main the Israeli claims of certain Syrian use of chemical weapons--with their obvious motivation of forcing us to go to war (instead of them) since Obama declared this a "red line" Syria could not cross.  (UPDATE:  Still at top of site at 7 p.m ET)  Look far down in the story, however--a trick learned from Judy Miller and Michael Gordon in days of olde--and you'll find that Israel's evidence is mainly based on photos--and specifically, victims "foaming at the mouth."  Of course, one can find plenty of attacks by others, including Israel, in the past that left victims with the same "foaming."  Soil samples not available.  And again get warning about "stockpiles."

Still, it's an issue worth monitoring, as less biased nations in this matter--Great Britain and France--with perhaps more evidence also charge Syria with using chem weapons.

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