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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More False Police/Media Reporting on Boat Capture

We suggested at the time that this would happen and now if this brand new Wash Post story is to be believed it has:  Much of what police, and then the media, told us about the siege of that boat in Watertown leading to capture of younger bro suspect turned out to be wrong.  Apparently he had no weapons (we were told he had one or even more); he never fired on cops there; that well-recorded "gunfight" was just police firing dozens of rounds into the boat, and the story about him maybe shooting himself in the neck in a suicide attempt now seems bogus (he may have been shot through the boat).  All of this raises questions about the true desire to take him alive--in fact, it seems like a miracle that he did survive.

UPDATE  And yet another wrong statement (possibly to cover up a huge error):  Police said for days that the boat was outside the search sight that day.  Now police admit it was within the search zone and a "huge error" was made. 

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