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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Presser in Boston

Press conference just now with feds and locals.  Not a lot new.  They do confirm NO other explosive devices found--both police and press misled public yesterday.  I find that outrageous. Went beyond the usual "fog of war"--was a key, if not the key,  issue of the day and a factual matter--either did or did not find other bombs.  Not a grey area and helped raise fears for large number. 

No new leads on suspects. They say five times NO ONE IN CUSTODY.   Not much to say on the Saudis.  Injury count now 176.  More than a dozen very critical still.  Police promise "enhanced presence" in Boston.  No details on nature of the device.  They ask for public to submit what must be "thousands" of pictures or videos taken at crime scene at time of blast.  But they have a lot of surveillance video from stores, call it one of most surveiled areas anywhere.

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