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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Got Poison Pen Letter

CNN and MSNBC just now reporting that the president--according to Secret Service--got a "suspicious" letter with traces of the same toxin on letter sent to Sen. Roger Wicker (rare GOPer who backs Toomey-Manchin), that is, maybe ricin.   Arrived at mail facility, away from White House,  on April 16.   FBI called in.  Details to come.  Briefing in a few minutes. MSNBC claims a second letter with substance sent to Wicker.   MSNBC also says federal source tells them the Wicker and Obama letters "very similar."  All letters awaiting definitive testing on ricin.  One report that letters mailed from Memphis.

UPDATE #1  CNN: suspicious packages at both Hart and Russell buildings on the Hill, corridors closed off but not evacuated.  Office of Sen. Richard Shelby is one site... People told to stay off 1st and 3rd floors at Hart Building. 

Jay Carney just now at press briefing with nothing new.

UPDATE #2  Haz-Mat teams at Sen. Carl Levin's office in Saginaw, MI.  

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