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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Responds to Gun Control Failure: "Shameful Day"

The president now speaking in Rose Garden after gun measures voted down.  Biden fighting back tears.  Introduced by Sandy Hook father.  Refers to "a minority in the Senate decides not worth it, even as these families looked on from the Senate galleries."  Cites 90% support for measure--and 90% of Republicans opposing it.  Obama says he will speak frankly about why, given co-sponsored by pro-NRA Manchin and Toomey.  Gabby Giffords standing behind him.

Accuses NRA and allies of "lieing" and "spreading untruths" about legislation.  This "upset" many gun owners and "intimidated" Senators, who are "good people."  But "the fact is, none of these Senators could offer a single argument on why" this measure not a good idea.  Instead came down to "politics." They "caved to the pressure" and "looked for any excuse."  We had "obligation to try."  This legislation "met the test."  Some of these Senators "did not meet theirs."  Biden frowning angrily. 

Raises question of "who do we represent." Then slams those who say he used shooting victims as "props."  Asks, "Are they serious?"   All in all, "This is a shameful day."   Vows to keep fighting "if the American people won't give up on this." If Congress won't act, pressure will "have to come from the voters."  Asks people to let reps know you are disappointed and let them know you will remember "at election time." Need to maintain strength "and send different people" to Washington.  "I see this as just Round One."

After Sandy Hook and Aurora and Tucson "everyone talked about need to do something."  Our response must not be empty words.  "Sooner or later we are going to get this right." Obama then deeply hugging some of the family members watching.

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