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Monday, April 1, 2013

Shocked Again

UPDATE:  Piers Morgan segment just on.  Opened with him playing some of her controversial remarks.  "I admit I made a mistake," she said.  Said audience and media "not ready" for what she said.  Piers: "And you once came out as bi-sexual yourself.  Are you now homophobic?"   She replied, "On the surface it sounds bad."  Dodged question then and wanted to go over transcript.  Said she has loved a man for past ten years so doesn't want to deny others the same.

Finally said, "no, I'm not homophobic," but larger truth "lost" due to making things too simple.   But she can't quite explain what she meant or why she said it.  Admits in reference to what she said about Prop 8, "I didn't know what I was talking about."   Repeated she was "very much" sorry and upset that gay community upset.  "In no way do I disavow" them, just as she "in no way" disavows her religious community.  Then, pressed again,  said she supports gay marriage and full gay rights.  Somewhere in there she complained that her manager once promoted her as gay after she rebuffed his advances.

Earlier: Wow, singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked apparently booked on Piers Morgan show tonight on CNN, no doubt to explain controversy over her alleged anti-gay remarks from a stage in San Fran that led to venues across the USA canceling nearly all of her tour.  In response she staged "strum-in" outside a club.  Her twitter explanations have been a bit hard to decipher.   I was a fan of her early recordings  a couple decades back--still recall a swell set in rain in New Orleans--and also became friendly as she became one of few music folks to repeatedly sing for Occupy.   But like others, can't figure out current flap.

Greg Mitchell’s new edition of So Wrong for So Long includes a preface by Bruce Springsteen, a new introduction and a lengthy afterword with updates right up to Bradley Manning’s hearing last month. 


Anonymous said...

so sorry of people saying they speak for God if God has something to say I think he is capable of saying it him/herself

Anonymous said...

Seemed as if she was blaming her audience. Her comments were made during her encore. She indicated her audience asked for reality for the encore, vs the truth she gave them during her usual performance. Not sure any audience would separate their experience with an artist that way.