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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suspect IDed in Boston Bombings?

UPDATE 2:45 p.m.  CBS tweets: "Man sought as possible suspect is WHITE MALE, wearing white baseball cap on backwards, gray hoodie and black jacket."  Traced by cell calls at scene...John King back on air doing shame walk.  Blaming "sources" and "confusion." Can't even be sure now that "ID" means name or just face in video. 

UPDATE 2:20 p.m.   Poor Jake Tapper: Covering non-existent "perp walk"...CNN covering ass by saying maybe not arrest, just brought in for questioning.   Now Fran Townsend taking back HER report and blaming "mis-communication" by others....Boston Police tweet: No arrest....NBC now almost mocking other news outlets reporting arrest (see: CNN and AP).

UPDATE 2:05  p.m.   CBS joins NBC in saying NO arrest and no firm name ID.  Meanwhile, AP says he's with federal marshals and on way to courthouse.  NBC now says feds will soon "refute" reports of arrests.  Pete Williams laughs and says, "Someone's right."  Top congressional source tells NBC that FBI just told him, "no arrest."

@Newsbreaker:  "CBS' Bob Orr: sources say bomber was on phone when he dropped second backpack. Cell records led to ID."

UPDATE  1:45 pm  CNN reports suspect now "arrested," based on two videos--claim to have both a federal and a local source on this.  AP: arrest "imminent" and suspect to be brought to court.  But NBC's Pete Williams claims NO arrest yet, have not found guy yet. 

Earlier:  CNN's John King reports (based on what he calls threesources) what he calls "breakthrough"-- officials believe they have ID'd a Boston bomb suspect from TV and Lord & Taylor department store video.  Claim he may be "dark-skinned male."  No details, or where he is, but hint is that he is on the loose.  (Boston Globe also reporting same.) They say they have "clear image" of face from video.  Man allegedly shown leaving backpack (left)  behind. Official briefing scheduled for about now has been changed to 5 p.m.  Only one IDed so far.

Earlier, Gawker looked at various internet sleuthing (often Reddit-based) based on photos and people with backpacks.

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