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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suspect Number 2, Rounding Corner After Blast

Someone at Reddit found this photo below, suggesting White Cap Guy is rounding corner AFTER the blast.   This fellow does seem to have hint of a smile, but who knows.  Adding credibility:  various media reports tonight have FBI saying the two men stuck around site to watch their handiwork.  Other suspect may also be in this photo next to woman in pink, also toward the left...Meanwhile, "experts" at Reddit determining how legit this is.  

UPDATE:  Now confirmed as real--folks have found it was first posted online on Monday.  UPDATE #2:  NYT story tonight--talked to photog David Green who says FBI requested photo after it went viral tonight.  So in this case the crowd-sourcing really paid off big-time.  Also, see below, new high-res closeup.  UPDATE #3  Piers Morgan just interviewed Green.  He had contacted FBI about having several photos on Monday (via cell phone)  but didn't know then about white cap guy.  Contacted the FBI again tonight at 7:00 and then they requested specific photo.  He adds that the guy behind him is not suspect #2 due to different color on cap.  Of course, he points out suspect no longer has backpack.  BTW, I believe I was first to post the photo,  beyond Reddit, before 8 p.m.


Bob Fishell said...

Sure looks like the white hat guy from the surveillance tapes. Also looks to be walking when everyone else is running like hell. Good for the Reddit guys for spotting this.

Anonymous said...

Other suspect is directly to right on pink woman

Ron B said...

He does not appear to be carrying his pack anymore, either.

Anonymous said...

The # 3 cap may be a Dale Earnhardt sr hat. May be a NASCAR fan for what that is worth.