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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten Years Ago: Judy Miller's Fallback Positon

It was ten years ago today that Judith Miller in the NYT tried to weasel out of her shame in hyping the Iraqi WMD program--helping Bush go to war--by asserting in the Times, as WMS searchers came up empty, that actually she was right, but that sneaky Saddam had moved or destroyed the stocks before the invasion!  Love this:
Based on what the Iraqi scientist had said about weapons being destroyed or stocks being hidden, military experts said they now believed they might not find large caches of illicit chemicals or biological agents, at least not in Iraq. They said this would increase their reliance on documents and testimony from individual Iraqis to help them piece together the scope, organization, and goals of the programs that the United States has said Saddam Hussein created and concealed from the world.

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