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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Oh, Boys, from Brazil, Tom Friedman Style

That fun "Thomas Friedman Column Generator" with a classic "based" on his "visit" to Brazil.  See if you can tell it from the real thing.  Sample below.  (h/t Tim Page)
When I was in Brazil last month, I was amazed by the variety of the local cuisine, and that tells me two things. It tells me that the citizens of Brazil have no shortage of potential entrepreneurs, and that is a good beginning to grow from. Second, it tells me that people in Brazil are just like people anywhere else on this flat earth of ours.
So what should we do about the chaos in Brazil? Well, it's easier to start with what we should not do. We should not lob a handful of cruise missiles and hope that some explosions will snap Brazil's leaders to attention. Beyond that, we need to be careful to nurture the fragile foundations of peace. The opportunity is there, but I worry that the path to peace is so strewn with obstacles that Brazil will have to move down it very slowly. And of course Brasilia needs to come to the table.

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