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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Time: Mass Stabbing, Not Shooting

Breaking now, at least 14 stabbed at Lone Star College, near Houston, four or more taken away for emergency treatment.  No real details.  Yes, knives can wound, like guns--but a lot less lethal.  We'll see how this turns out. "The college's business office said the Cy-Fair campus has been locked down. Harris County sheriff's deputies said a suspect was taken into custody, but information about that person has not been released."  UPDATE  #1   Not known if victims were students or staff.  Three were shot earlier this year at the school's other campus.  UPDATE #2  "Deputies said the victims appeared to be randomly targeted.  Harris County sheriff's deputies said a 21-year-old suspect, a current student at the college, was taken into custody. Deputies previously said they were searching for a second suspect, but investigators said they believe a single suspect was running from building to building. Investigators said a student tackled the suspect and that helped them capture the man."

UPDATE #3  Many new details, suspect charged, still no motive.  May have used box cutter or X-acto knife.  

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