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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

West Virginia Sheriff Shot and Killed Outside Courthouse

UPDATE:   The latest.   Suspect IDed and in hospital.  Motive still not known.  Links to other recent attacks?

Earlier: Breaking, from Mingo County.  Eugene Crum, whose get-tough policies led to record felony conviction rate, killed on his lunch break.  Suspect shot trying to escape.   Latest here. More:  "Mingo Delegate Justin Marcum, the assistant prosecutor in Mingo County, said Crum liked to eat lunch in a spot where he could see a pill mill that had been shut down. Crum feared people were trying to restart the operation. A vehicle pulled up beside the sheriff, so he rolled down his window, and was then shot, Marcum said."

His Facebook page.  Crum famously said after his election in January, "If you sell drugs in Mingo County, you will be arrested – end of story."

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