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Monday, March 31, 2014

When Geraldo Got Booted Out of Iraq

Lest we forget, it happened eleven years ago tomorrow.  From David Carr:  "Geraldo Rivera, the Fox News Channel correspondent who broadcast a report from Iraq on Sunday night that gave details of the position and plans of United States troops, is expected to be pulled from the country on Tuesday, military officials said yesterday.  ''It sounds to me like some rats at my former network, NBC, are spreading some lies about me,'' Rivera said on the air. ''You know, they can't compete fair and square on the battlefield, so they're trying to stab me in the back.''
On Sunday night, Mr. Rivera was being interviewed by a Fox News anchor, John Gibson, and began drawing a map in the sand.
''Let me draw a few lines here for you,'' he said. ''First, I want to make some emphasis here that these hash marks here, this is us. We own that territory. It's 40 percent, maybe even a little more than that.''
He went on at length with more specifics, and military officials at Central Command felt that by drawing lines in the sand, Mr. Rivera crossed one as well.  ''At one point, he actually revealed the time of an attack prior to its occurrence,'' Lt. Mark Kitchens, a spokesman at Central Command, said yesterday morning. Lieutenant Kitchens added that Mr. Rivera had been escorted to Kuwait...

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