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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wolf Not at the Door

Police tonight revealed tonight that CNN icon Wolf Blitzer was target of a hoax Saturday night claiming that he'd been shot at his Bethesda home.  Police arrived in force but no Wolf.   He wasn't even there as a hologram.  This was latest in this type of "celeb" hoax.

How'd hoaxters do it?  "In the case involving Blitzer, the person or people behind the fraud wrote some form of text message, Starks said. The message was set up to seem like it was from Blitzer himself, and it included his address. It appeared to have been sent through a mobile phone company’s “relay” system, which is part of an arrangement to pass on urgent messages to the police’s emergency communications center, Starks said. But exactly where the message originated remains unclear, he said."
“We don’t know where these people are. They could be in New Zealand,” Starks said. What will happen next in terms of an investigation remains unclear as well, Starks said. “We’re trying to determine what kind of source it came from.”
Blitzer was out of town when the cruisers set up outside his house

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