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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Panting to Me?

Bob 'n Bub: I have no idea what this means but the Tribeca Film Fest in NYC seems to think it's a big deal and the photo of the year bringing together one of its founder, Mr. DeNiro and a cat famous for something or other, Lil Bub.  So here they are, and now you can explain it to me.


Anonymous said...

Cousin to Grumpy Cat?

Laurence Glavin said...

Evidently, you're not a visitor to Buzfeed.com. Lil Bub is a female cat who was born with some birth defects including a lack of fangs, but she does not lack for fans! Thus she always appears totally surprised by EVERYTHING. I hope that with proper care, she lives a long life. My shelter calico cat, Sophie (named by the shelter; has nothing to do with Richard Strauss's "Der Rosenkavalier") is a little undersized for a mature cat, and her eyes seem a little large for her head. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Um..let me give it a shot...Jennifer Lawrence plays what character? Katniss? See DeNiro with a cat his wife won't mind him posing with!! Get it??? LOL