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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A 'Great' Mess?

Not sure that I've seen this before:  A.O. Scott of NYT is so nervous about half-praising the new Great Gatsby in review just posted online that he actually links--in the first sentence--to the Rotten Tomatoes scorecard which tallies the views of other critics and finds, so far, that two out of three have panned.  Talk about not having the courage of your convictions!  Scott, indeed, expresses ambivalence in his own review but seems afraid that he will get bushels of hate mail from readers who actually go see the flick on his semi-recommendation.  Of course, critics who overpraised Baz Luhrmann's laughable (and not in a good way) Moulin Rouge only inspired the director to make a mess of things ever since. 

BTW, if you like Carrie Mulligan, as I do, check out on Netflix her early performance in a better film project, based on a better book, Bleak House.

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