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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charles Ramsay: Domestic Particulars

 UPDATE  Do you know that Charles Ramsay was not first person to reach that door in Cleveland?  The unsung hero was Angel Cordero and why: He doesn't speak good English and didn't do viral video. 

Smoking Gun reporting that Cleveland hero, and wild talker, has been jailed three times for domestic violence charges, and served eight months in state prison.  And: "In 2003, Ramsey was indicted for felony 'domestic violence with prior conviction,' as a result of the previous cases. It was in 2003 that Ramsey’s wife, Rochelle, filed for divorce, citing 'gross neglect of duty' and 'extreme cruelty.' Rochelle went on to tell the Smoking Gun that Ramsey has since apologized to her for past abuse, and that the pair remain on an 'okay basis.'”  But she notes he has failed to pay child support, and had his driving privileges taken away because of that.

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