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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dash Cam Captures Shootout

The incident happened back in March but video released just today and you may have seen nothing like it.  After routine traffic stop in Ohio, guy gets out of car firing a (wait for it) semi-automatic rifle at cops.  And keeps firing.  They are both wounded as gunman shouts "Kill Me!"--the usual suicide-by-cop.  They oblige, but video cut off before that.  Note: Why so many cops wants ban on semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

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Anonymous said...

why was this released only now? And what types of weapons were the police using? Presumably they had single-action or at worst revolvers because police have a higher than average suicide rate, alcoholism rate, and divorce rate than the average citizen. So I hope they don't have semi-autos! But, more seriously, because gun laws don't stop crime why is it that people these days seem to have been brainwashed into this idea of killing other people? Suicide is horrible and increasing but, frankly, if you want to do it why take other people with you? What is it about Obamaland that now people need to try to "take others", including their own families in their despair?