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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hammer Time

A friend is learning, practicing, now obsessed with Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" piano sonata.  And no wonder.  This late work includes the greatest single movement in the history of piano,  and apt for (here in the East) a cool, rainy weekend.  New edition of my Beethoven book here.

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Laurence Glavin said...

At the beginning of the New Year, Time-Warner cable dropped the Ovation Channel from its lineup in the NYC area. For fun, I thought I'd check it out to see what they were missing. It was still on Comcast in Massachusetts, and I sampled their classical music offering that runs at 7:00 am (I recorded it for later viewing). TWICE in a few weeks, the programming included performances of the "Hammerklavier" by two different pianists. Ovation commits the atrocity of inserting commercials between movements, but I just fast-forwaded over them. Who would sit down at 7:00 am and listen to such a profound piece plus noisy, raucus commercials for the likes of Progressive Insurance or wine spritsers?