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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Imagine If the Grammar Was (Were?) Wrong

Wildest story of the day:  Man walks into Teacher's Commission office in Oregon and places a pressure cooker bomb (a la Boston blast on a desk) with wire sticking out of it on a desk and complains that he had just tried to blow up sign outside and bomb didn't work.  He said he was mad about an education office having a sign outside with a typo or missing letter:  "an" instead of "and."  So what kind of education could kids be getting? Then he complained that the instructions he's downloaded for bomb also had typos or errors.   Then he walked out, carrying bomb with him.  He was arrested a bit later, with his non-working bomb.

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Anonymous said...

Either weird or meta in an article about grammar but what's wrong with the following sentence: "he had just tried to blow up sign outside and bomb didn't work" @iSenseChange

Anonymous said...

Most of us learned in grade school the difference between 'principle' and 'principal' by remembering that 'the principal is your pal.'

I work at a school and once we got an envelope from the US Department of Education addressed to The Principle. Cinched my belief that NCLB was worthless.

Madsci said...

I'm...I'm not sure what I think about this...