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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jon Karl: 'Played'--or a Willing Patsy?

 UPDATE  Rosen notes ABC has "corrected" the original Karl report but claims it still stands.  Karl did the same on Sunday.  But Rosen says they should retract the whole faked story.

Earlier:  Important Jay Rosen piece on ABC's hack Jon Karl getting "played" hy GOP hacks on the Benghazi email and now refusing to fess up, despite hits from his peers.  But ABC also now taking action.  "Jon Karl has dragged the entire news division at ABC (and now George Stephanopoulos) into his self-dug pit. He got played. His colleagues at other news organizations know it. His friends at the network, were they real friends, would try to talk him out of this disastrous state of denial."  FAIR feels Karl was more willing patsy than just getting played.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Never trust a Karl. Just as the "Pazzi Conspriacy" led tot he term Patsy Karl Rove and Jonathan Karl will lead to pulling a Hot Karl.