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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Minnesota Terror Suspect:: Remember Him?

After a flurry of media interest, the arrest of a (native and white) alleged terror plotter--guns and pipe bombs--in Minnesota has pretty much disappeared.  So, an update on Mr. Buford "Bucky" Rogers.  Can't beat this opener:
The Black Snake Militia’s home base is the Rogers family trailer on the north end of town, where the group’s initials are spray-painted on a repurposed Farm Bureau sign and passerby are greeted by a handmade warning about the dangers of government tracking devices. “We are not slaves,” the cardboard placard says.
“The government’s railroading my kid, probably because of all the bombings and crap,” he said looking up from his work. “It’s just like the Boston one. All of us believe that’s false. A government deal.”

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