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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Details on Boston Shootout

Not sure if new--I'm told most of this known a few days ago--but CNN just reported tonight that the cop shot in shootout with the Boston bombers in Watertown was hit by police bullet, police now admit.  Also, the suspects only had one gun and quickly ran out of bullets, perhaps explaining why older brother charged cops without firing.  Hundreds of rounds fired at the scene--almost all by police, in a "contagious," wild way.  CNN interviews man who had bullets enter home and nearly hit daughter and son.   Other shots hit at second floor level elsewhere. Experts say police don't get enough training.  Anderson Cooper then stresses that "we're not criticizing police." Huh?

Also state troopers in a separate incident, we're told, shot up a black SUV they thought was suspects' vehicle--but belonged to Boston police.  CNN calls this "scary."   Also: new report of younger brother leaving note in the boat explaining motivation for bombings.

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