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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Biggie: Just 'Rot' Among Our Nuclear Missile Launch Guys

AP with exclusive on unprecedented firing of 17 members of our missile teams who can launch nukes--and "rot" and "crisis" within the system.  Yes, despite my efforts, most people think little of our still-vast nuclear arsenal, and "first-strike" policy.  “We are, in fact, in a crisis right now,” the commander, Lt. Col. Jay Folds, wrote in an internal email obtained by AP and confirmed by the Air Force.
Asked about this at a Senate hearing Wednesday, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, the service’s top official, explained the problem by stressing that launch control officers are relatively junior in rank — lieutenants and captains — and need to be reminded continually of the importance of “this awesome responsibility” for which they have been trained.
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