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Monday, May 6, 2013

Obama: "Just Say No," on Syria

UPDATE  Important piece by CNN's Peter Bergen on history of Syria's top rebel group--that is Al-Qaeda in Iraq--using chem weapons.  And they have.  Sixteen times in Iraq. This may bolster claim by UN prober that rebels, not regime,  likely used such weapons.

Earlier:  Andrew Sullivan may be all over the map but today has good and lengthy post on why the U.S. must stay out of Syria, and advises Obama to follow his better instincts and do...as little as possible.  No good choices so stay out.  And makes great point about U.S. not alarmed about Israeli assaults because...it's Israel.  Get special handling.   And he tells reborn hawk, Bill Keller, yes, Syria IS much like Iraq.  And see my hit on Keller.

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