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Friday, May 10, 2013

Paramedic Arrested--Possible Role in Fertilizer Plant Blast?

SATURDAY  Reed's lawyer says he will plead not guilty on Wednesday.  Feds still not saying if linked to West explosion.

Updated Dallas Morning News profile finds he lied about his past--and was listed contact at tragedy t-shirt site that has taken in $33,000.

UPDATE #3  Detailed new story on Bryce Reed raises all sorts of red flags from his past and near-present.   Wild job history.  Also makes you wonder if the pipe bomb equipment and other materials might not have been linked to plant blast at all but to seeking revenge for loss of friends.  

UPDATE #2  NYT story has Bryce Reed falsely identifying himself as brother of a man who died in West fire, also named Reed, even made the claim in a eulogy.  The Dallas Morning News: "The sister of a firefighter Reed eulogized at a public memorial last month said she had to ask police to guard her deceased brother’s apartment because she feared Reed had been stealing from it since the blast."  Their story has the most details on (and complaints about) Reed, and his actions on the night of the blast.  Sounds like his wife who was with him part of that night--but has since left him--might be a key witness.

And this story reveals that he was fired from his EMS post two days after the West explosion--odd, since he claimed to be a hero in that.  Criminal probe announced today, but not known if linked to his arrest.

UPDATE  Arrested man was interviewed by Anderson Cooper last night, go here for transcript (scroll down). 

Earlier: Shocker breaking just now as one of the "hero" volunteers who arrived at the scene of the West, Texas, plant explosion has been arrested after admitting he made a pipe bomb and dropped it off at a friend's house.    More here.  Bryce Reed was widely interviewed after the blast about his role as an early responder--he was star of this L.A. Times piece.  Today:
A volunteer paramedic who was among the first on the scene of a fire and massive explosion last month at a West, Texas fertilizer plant was arrested early Friday and charged with possession of a destructive device after telling authorities a pipe bomb and other items related to destructive devices found at another residence were his.
Officials have not said whether the arrest of Bryce Reed is related to the April 17 explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. that killed 14 people, injured around 200 and destroyed hundreds of homes in the vicinity.
The arrest came as Texas law enforcement officials said they had launched a criminal investigation into the massive fertilizer plant explosion.
Reed, 31, made an initial appearance in federal court Friday, but did not enter a plea. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Frazier said he would not release further details until court documents were unsealed sometime later in the day.
This seems to he his Facebook account.  Most recent posting on Wednesday: " I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for all the prayers and support. I'm going to take a break from Facebook to reflect. I assure you that I'm ok. God bless you all, and please if you heed nothing else I have said, love one another. God bless. Bryce."

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Scroll down here for the transcript of his Anderson Cooper interview.