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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Classic Koch

With Citizen Koch, on the Koch brothers, finally set to open this weekend, worth re-visiting what I posted one year ago:

Don't miss Jane Mayer feature at The New Yorker just posted on little-known story of how PBS's WNET in New York reacted in showing Alex Gibney doc “Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream.”  The film did air but see what surrounded it.   Problem: It partly focused on the Koch Brothers, with David a major WNET funders.

Gibney: “They tried to undercut the credibility of the film, and I had no opportunity to defend it...Why is WNET offering Mr. Koch special favors? And why did the station allow Koch to offer a critique of a film he hadn’t even seen? Money. Money talks.”  And then another documentary, Citizen Koch,  ran into trouble and lost funding.  But conclusion: "In the end, the various attempts to assuage David Koch were apparently insufficient. On Thursday, May 16th, WNET’s board of directors quietly accepted his resignation. It was the result, an insider said, of his unwillingness to back a media organization that had so unsparingly covered its sponsor."

Trailer for 740 Park, inspired by Michael Gross's book of that title:

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