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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plenty Goode

The great Richard Goode did Beethoven's hallowed final three piano sonatas last night in New York and younger great Jeremy Denk, who I interviewed for my recent Beethoven book, ducked out at intermission to tweet that his mind was thoroughly blown by Richard's opus 110.  And Jeremy had told me just last year that he never performed that piece because he was rather sick of it, having sat through so many times at student recitals.  Here's Goode's recently recorded version, which indeed is now my favorite.  Mind-blowing, indeed.   Then again, the final four Lvb's sonatas are greatest piano music ever.

1 comment:

Laurence Glavin said...

Greg, here's your homework assignment...listen to LvB's "Diabelli Variations". Right up there with the late sonatas.