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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Report: Shocking Letter Written by Ariel Castro Found

UPDATE   CBS seems to have confirmed the alleged "suicide note" (see below).  They add detail that he also claimed he was  abused as a child by his parents, and raped by an uncle. 

UPDATE:  Ariel Castro arraigned this morning, see photo and terms: $2 million bail per charge.

Earlier: Scott Taylor, investigative reporter for Channel 19 in Clereland, has been tweeting just now excerpts from what he says is a suicide note written by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro in 2004 that police found in his house.  The rumored existence of such a note had been reported for hours but Taylor claimed to have been a copy by a police source.  However, as of Thursday morning, I've seen no other confirmation of quotes or validity.  From @ScottTaylor19
 He says "I am a sexual predator. I need help"
"They are here against their will because they made a mistake of getting in a car with a total stranger."
"I don't know why I kept looking for another. I already had 2 in my possession."
Castro writes about wanting to kill himself and "give all the money I saved to my victims."
Castro writes he was surprised how young Gina Dejesus really is.

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