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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surprise: Ariel Castro Taking Rap, Two Brothers Not Charged

 UPDATE: Cleveland TV station says it has police report detailing chilling bruality by Castro, including beatings and forced starvation and claim that he impregnated Knight five times, and made her deliver Amanda's baby in the basement in a plastic swiming pool.

Earlier: Since it was his home, Ariel Castro has been prime suspect in brutal kidnapping, probable rape/torture, case, but his two brothers also arrested and their mug shots widely distributed.  Just now charges announced against Ariel but not brothers.  Ariel gets four counts of kidnapping and three of rape.  Police: "Ariel kept everyone at a distance."  They were taken into custody "because they were with their brother." Had "probable cause."  But "no facts to link to crime."  Still held on outstanding warrants.

Another surprise, police say:  Three women only left outside twice, and briefly, and never in chains naked in backyard.  (So much for neighbors' claims, as I warned. ) They also dispute some other statements in press.   But confirm Amanda's only chance to escape was this week--her only attempt.  No details on how kidnapped.  Asked about conditions in house will only say,  "The house was in disarray."  No comments on child or other pregnancies.  Only two times they left house was when taken to garage, "in disguise," never off property.

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